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As the spices crackle in the kitchen stove even as the curry boils, a strong aroma wafts through the air. Such is the purity of farm-grown spices that they engulf you in a strong rush of scents.

Our Favourite

Spices are full of mysteries, each telling a different story of taste and its cultivation. This is why Spices are our favourite subject at Farm Origin. A spice may be a sap from a plant stem or the root of a plant or a ripe fruit dried in the sun.

Rich Variety

Our bucket of spices is as rich as the historic significance of Indian culinary and as full of variety as the cultural diversity here.

Our Products

Farm Origin | Whole Green Cardamom Pods | Elaichi | 100G


Black Pepper
Farm Origin | Black Pepper | Peppercorn| Kali Mirch | 100G