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Jams & Preserves


There’s nothing quite as delightful as a home-made jam – because the hands that concocted those potions belonged to someone you loved. You will experience the raw textures, scents and tastes of nature’s fruity bounty in our range of natural jams and preserves.


The jams and preserves from Farm Origin deftly capture the fleeting essence of seasonal fruits grown on our farms. The original flavours of fruits are retained in our concoctions, making them pure and authentic. Take a sniff from one of our jars and you are transported to the days of boyhood, to nostalgia.

100% Natural

Free from additives and chemical preservatives, we suggest refrigerating our jars after opening to prolong their shelf life.

Our Products

Strawberry Jam
Farm Origin | With Real Strawberries | All Natural 240g


Strawberry Preserve
Farm Origin | Whole Fruit | All Natural 230g